Jornada 620 LX

Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, keyboard, CPU: Hitachi SH3 7709 (44 Mhz) RAM: 4 Mb, ROM: 10 Mb, cradle, Li-ion rechargeable battery operating time: 6 h 183x94x29 mm, 452 g Jornada 620 LX
Main characteristics Jornada 620 LX
Os Type Pocket PC/Windows Mobile
The operating system MS Windows CE 2
RAM 4 Mb
ROM 10 Mb
Flash ROM
Type of processor Hitachi SH3 7709
CPU frequency 44 Mhz
MS Office
Data entry Jornada 620 LX
Conclusion Jornada 620 LX
Color screen
Number of colors 256
Touch screen
Power and dimensions Jornada 620 LX
Weight 452 g
Height 94 mm
The Thickness Of The 29 mm
The Width Of The 183 mm
Nutrition Li-ion batteries
Work time 6 h
Additional opportunities Jornada 620 LX
Infrared (IRDA)
Built-in modem
Multimedia Jornada 620 LX
Built-in speaker
Built-in microphone
Headphone output